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by Marvin on Box reviews!
Pokemon crystal

Was looking all over online to find a website that made repro boxes. decided to give this site a try and was definitely impressed! such a good price and fast delivery. I will be purchasing more boxes in the future!

by Adrian on Box reviews!
Metroid collection

Searched high and low for repro box service and this one was by far the most promising. Simple website layout, great inventory and numerous excellent testimonials. I dove in and ordered basically all the Metroid boxes they offered. Order arrived quickly although I live in Canada and the box quality was excellent all around. Pleasantly surprised all boxes came with inserts and foam! Only snag was Super Metroid box had unclear font on the back (slightly). Still vastly better than my homemade card stock boxes, lol. I highly recommend!

by Laura on Box reviews!
Great service!

At first I was put off from ordering as I though this site didn't deliver to the UK. I then saw that they WILL deliver to the UK but you have to request it via email. I was so happy!The boxes arrived really fast, they are good quality and i was surprised to see they even have the cardboard cart holder inside the box!10/10 would use again.

by Ryan on Box reviews!
Absolutely Perfect

I am so impressed with the turnaround time! The prints came out great!! I have ordered several titles and I have always been very satisfied with the product! I look forward to ordering more.

by Jack on Box reviews!
N64 Mario Golf

I've ordered 7 boxes from Box My Games so far, and I've been overall very satisfied with the quality of the prints and boxes. Definitely better then the boxes I received from Dangerous Games on Etsy, which are ok. But the ones from BMG feel more authentic, are sturdier, are entirly pre-built, and have better prints.

Now I recently placed an order for several boxes, one of which being Mario Golf for the N64. Although the print is still acceptable, It's a tad fuzzy, most notably the orange on the back of the box, which also makes description text on the back a little difficult to read. When put next to the Mario Tennis box (which I've also bought from BMG), the difference is night and day. The orange on the back of that box is almost perfectly smooth. Not that I'm an expert, but if I didn't know better, I could very well confuse the Mario Tennis box for the real thing.

I don't expect these boxes to be perfectly accurate to their official counterparts, but I do expect the prints to be very, VERY good. Although I'm a little disappointed by the Mario Golf's print, I will most definitely be returning for future purchases as I feel these are probably the best repo boxes you can find online. I just hope the printing issue is addressed.

by Nicholas on Box reviews!
Metroid Fusion

The quality of the image is pretty good. I compared it to my real box for Metroid Zero Mission and the repro is slightly darker. I could tell by the purple "Only For" in the top left corner, but not a big deal really. I however did not expect the cardboard to be so thick, and for the cut job to be off. There was still some white showing on the side (where it is glued shut) and the bottom (where it is folded in).Overall not bad. I will order more but hopefully my next few will be done better.

by Matt on Box reviews!
LoZ: Ocarina of Time

My first box other than Gameboy ones with the new material. This game's box in particular is hard to recreate, I think; even non-collector's versions have a special finish on them. Being that it is a replica, it looks very good. The color is very solid, and the text on the back is sharp. Of course the actual box itself feels great in your hands, plus the thickness of the tabs and whatnot give you an authentic feel.

by Matt on Box reviews!
LoZ: Ocarina of Time

I always write honest reviews. This is the 20th box I've ordered here, and the first I've been disappointed with. You wouldn't be exactly wrong if you said my standards are impossibly high when it comes to replica boxes. I really expect them to be comparable to "the real deal," and all my boxes made using the old design not only met, but exceeded my expectations. I've ordered three times since the switch, all Gameboy, and they were just as good. I don't know why exactly, but this latest one is an outlier. All the wording is sharp, but overall the background colors are dull. The red border (the one on most N64 games) is weak, bordering more on pink than red. There are also vertical streaks on all the bronze parts, which is the same thing I couldn't stand about the one I got from someone else.Now that I'm looking at it, if the main colors were solid, the box would look really nice. The main Zelda logo on the front is good; it's not blurry, and the colors are correct. With a strong, solid bronze color underneath it I have no doubt it would look awesome.

upon investing this we figured out most of the problem was due to a faulty print head on one of our printers, and we are not using that print head anymore, awaiting a new one to come in. We have made a new box and sent it out free, hopefully this one will be better.

by Ryan on Box reviews!
Metal Gear NES

Once again another amazing nes reproduction box! Metal Gear now has a home again. Thank you for your quality of work and handling my orders with urgency. Looking forward to future transactions.

by Kevin on Box reviews!
Unbelievable work!

Very satisfied with the quality of the boxes. I would recommend these guys to anyone. I have purchased 6 boxes so far, and will be ordering more to continue to box my loose games at an affordable price.

I also tried DangerousGames on Etsy as well and was very disappointing with their work, so BoxMyGames is my go to from now on.

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