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  • 1. Are your boxes exact size of an original NES, SNES, N64, or GAMEBOY box?

    YES! All boxes are made to the specific size of the original boxes, WITH THE EXCEPTION OF SPECIALTY BOXES. Boxes Like Stack-Up, Earthbound, Super Bomberman, etc. We offer normal size versions of these boxes

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  • 2. What if I don't want the BoxMyGames branded bar-code?

    While we don't like doing this due to scamming potential, if you absolutely must have the original bar-code, please place the request in the "notes" box on the order page.

    Due to multiple people working on the boxes from different locations, they may not see a separate email.

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  • 3. What are these boxes made of and how sturdy are they?

    Repro Box Version 2.0 is here!!! Boxes are now made of the same material original boxes were made of! No more fiber art paper, and NO these are not the card-stock that all the others use. Best game boxes on the market, period.


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  • 4. Do you do any other region besides NTSC???

    No. Since we are from the U.S.A , We only want to focus on USA releases.

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  • 5. What methods of payment do you accept?

    PayPal. We feel this is the the safest way to send and receive money. This also allows people to use credit cards through PayPal, and ensures a safe transaction.

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  • 6. How much is shipping to my country?

    Due to high international shipping rates, shipping outside of the USA will have flat rates. Shipping to Canada is $15, shipping to UK and Australia is $20, and shipping to Italy is $25. Please contact us for the shipping costs to other locations.

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  • 7. How is shipping handled?

    We ship to all US states for FREE via US Postal service, no matter what size the order is. To Canada, there is a $15 flat shipping charge. If you are located elsewhere, contact us via e-mail, we can get you a shipping quote based on your address.

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  • 8. What if I have damages in shipping?

    Please let us know and provide a picture of damaged goods within 15 days of receiving them. We will replace or discount the item(s) damaged, your choice.

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  • 9. Do you make console boxes, or other "big box" game boxes?

    No. At this time we cannot make console boxes, or any box larger than a standard game box.

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  • 10. The box I want is not on your site, do you take requests?

    Yes, This will help build popular inventory and expand our library. We will take any request for NES, SNES, N64, GAMEBOY/color/advance, Sega Genesis, Sega 32x, or Game Gear. Send us an e-mail of the boxes you'd like. Large requests may take time to complete so please be patient, as orders will take priority. If we cannot do a box request we will let you know. Also please note, we only do NTSC format game boxes. We have designed a few for popular fan hack carts and we are open to designing some boxes for some popular fan hacks.

    Due to the amount of requests, vs. actual buys, all requests will need to be pre purchased before game template is designed. Allow a few extra days for template design. Please us the Request it Item for this.

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  • 11. After I have placed my order, how long until its processed and shipped to me?

    Small orders (1-2 Boxes) placed before 6pm EST are usually shipped within 2 days. Bigger orders (3-7 boxes) will be 2-4 days processing, then shipped. Large orders (8+ boxes) please allow 4-5 days for processing orders. Please remember that these are hand made upon ordering, and are not pre-made and stocked. Shipping on smaller orders usually ships First-Class mail, while larger orders are usually sent via Priority mail.

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  • 12. Do you still sell Repro Box version 1.0?

    No. The material we used to make our boxes originally was sadly discontinued. However, this pushed us to dig harder until we and come up with a better box, one that matched the quality and material of original game boxes. Repro Box Version 2.0 is now the sole product that we make.

    Returning customers please be aware that boxes will be made of a different material than those purchased before 10/16. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.

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